Formaggi Dalle Nogare

Wines and food

You can find a wide range of foodstuffs in our two shops in Bassano del Grappa and in Conco: a selection of both quality and low prices.

Our cheese

Since the beginning of 1900s, in the Dalle Nogare’s dairy factory on the Asiago Plateau we have been refining several different varieties of both Asiago and Mezzano cheese. One of our particular types of produce is the pit cheese, that is a tasty union of Mezzano and sheep cheese.

Other local cheese

Parmesan cheese, gratin cheese, grana Padano of the best quality, fontina, caciocavallo, cacio occhiato, sheep Gratin cheese, mozzarellas produced in Apuglia, sheep cheese from Sardinia and Tuscany, provolone cheese and many others. Our offer of Italian and French cheese is peculiarly made on a huge range of high selected small factories.

Cold cuts

We always select our ham steacks very carefully. The San Giovanni ham and the Roliano handmade raw ham are only some of the exquisite fresh and aged cold cuts that we offer in our shops. We prefer choosing our suppliers both from their natural manufacturing and their belief in a high quality handmade process.

Local foodstuffs

With two shops in Bassano del Grappa and on the Asiago Plateau we built two little facts that can offer the treasures of our area, where both alpine and faming culture helped us to be known worldwide as a tastefullness country. In our shops you can find the white sparrow from Bassano, the typical Italian […]


In our shops we offer a selection of wines made in Veneto (our Italian region) that come from the best wine – producers of our area, such as the awarded “Nei Zonta Company” and its “Due Santi” Cabernet wine, and the Prosecco from Valdobbiadene, the Amarone from Valpolicella, the best DOC wines from Breganze, Raboso […]

Marmalade and jam

We have got a wide range of jam and honey. Many of them are the best quality available in our area, such as the “Thun” honey, the quintessence of Val di Non, and the “Alpe Pragas” marmallade, a delicious handmade compote from Valle di Bryes.

Pasta and rice

We also have the best quality of rice and pasta: “Acquerello” rice, italian egg pasta from Campofilone, – “Maroni & Marilungo Co.”, “Monograno Felicetti” pasta, the “Gragnano” one, La Valletta’s pasta for soups and many others…

Fresh foodstuffs

Everyday we have a wide assortment of fresh produce, such as the “mozzarella campana” cheese, “burrata” and mozzarella cheese from Puglia, several types of “scamorza” (that has got different shapes, as well), buffalo milk mozzarella and “ricotta”, as well as goat, sheep and cow’s ones, or the famous DOP (guarantee of origin) “tortellini Valeggio” (stuffed […]

Grappa and spirits

Grappa, Cedro “grappa”, Nardini tonic liquors and the complete set of grappa, rhum and spirits, are only some of our offer, that pays attention for the local traditions and quality  

Italian oils and vinegars

In our shops you can find the Italian oils and vinegars, selected from both big and small local producers, who consider very important their traditional values.